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WiscMail Lite is a light-weight alternative to the primary web client, offering faster loading and increased accessibility in exchange for a slightly decreased feature set. While WiscMail Lite is not intended to replace the existing web client, it provides a useful alternative for lower bandwidth connections. For more information about what WiscMail Lite has to offer, see below.

Important: For the best WiscMail experience, you will want to use an email application on your phone and computer. WiscMail is compatible with all smartphones that have email applications. And an email application on your computer is the best way to access WiscMail if you are on a slow network or depend on a screen reader. Learn more about configuring an email application.

WiscMail Lite NetID login
WiscMail Plus Lite login

WiscMail Lite provides the following features:

  • Faster loading time. The primary WiscMail web interface is designed to be a very rich user experience. For customers with slower connections, waiting for these features to load can be inconvenient. WiscMail Lite provides an alternative with faster load time and fewer features.

  • Increased functionality with mobile and tablet devices. WiscMail Lite interface is easier to navigate with a mobile device. While we still recommend configuring the built-in email client for smart phones, WiscMail Lite makes reading your mail possible when this is not an option. WiscMail Lite also provides a user interface that works better for tablets, laptops, and other devices with smaller screens.

  • Increased accessibility for the visually impaired. WiscMail Lite provides a greater level of compatibility with screen readers, allowing those who are visually impaired to access their email more easily without a desktop client.

Features exclusive to the primary web client:

  • Save, edit or browse your contacts. When composing a message with WiscMail Lite, you can search for contacts from your Personal Address Book and UW People Search. To view your full list of contacts or add new contacts, you will need to use the primary web client. Click here for more information.

  • View UW Digital IDs. Digital signatures do not display in WiscMail Lite. You will need to use the primary web client to access this feature.

  • Share your folders or subscribe to new shared folders. You will still be able to access shared folders that you are currently subscribed to, but you will need to use the primary web client to change your share settings.

Accessing WiscMail Lite:

  1. Login to WiscMail Lite using your NetID

    • Note: WiscMail Plus users can access the WiscMail Lite client by loading the standard WiscMail Plus login page, and finding the link exampled below or by Clicking Here


  2. Update your identity profile. You can do this by clicking the Profile link in the upper-right. You will want to make sure to update your Name and Email Address, as well as your Reply-To and Signature if desired. Don't forget to click Update!

  3. Try WiscMail Lite and let us know what you think.

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