Interactive Reporting - Migrating a Hyperion v8 Query to Interactive Reporting v11

Interactive Reporting queries written in the Hyperion Explorer or Hyperion Insight v8 clients can be migrated to the latest version 11.

Hyperion Explorer (Standalone Client)

Queries written in Hyperion Explorer version 8 should open properly in the Interactive Reporting Studio version 11. There may be some minor incompatibilities, so it is important that you test each aspect of your query thoroughly. If you have any problems migrating your query, contact your local campus administrator: Interactive Reporting - Campus Support Contact Information

Hyperion Insight (Web Plug-In)

Users who have saved a web client query in v8.5 can open the query in the v11 web client by following these instructions:

  1. Install the version 11 web client, if needed: Interactive Reporting - Downloading and Installing Web Client Browser Plug-in

  2. Open your local version 8 query in the version 11 Workspace by following these instructions: Interactive Reporting - Opening Local Query in Web Client

  3. If you receive any warnings about needing to upgrade the web client, click Cancel.

  4. A message will appear warning that you are trying to connect to a server of a different version. Select Interactive Reporting Web Client and click OK


  5. If a window asking for your campus login credentials appear, you may safely close it.

  6. A message will appear stating Unknown Server Error. Click OK. (The actual error message may differ.)


  7. The web client will ask for the address of the Interactive Reporting server. By default, it places the address pointing to the old version 8 server. You will need to update this URL address to point to the version 11 server:

    Replace with

    Replace HYPS with workspace

    Example: If the address shown is, you would change it to:


    Note that the exact URL may differ from query to query, but the changes above must be applied to all queries.

  8. The query should now open in the web client. You may receive a warning that some sections are not processable, which you can ignore. Thoroughly test each aspect of your query.

  9. To avoid having to repeat these steps, be sure to save the migrated query to your local machine: Interactive Reporting - Saving a Web Client Query to Local Machine.

If you have any issues migrating a query, contact your local campus administrator: Interactive Reporting - Campus Support Contact Information.

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